Take a seat and hold your Ipod in place, as we get you the most informative, entertaining and interesting podcasts that you should be tuning to, to help you become efficient in the fast paced construction industry.

  1. The ConTech Crew: With over 100 episodes, this show is conducted by famous construction technologists, who discuss news and latest trends in the industries, with a special guest over each week, to know the latest ways by which innovation is peeping inside the construction sector.
  2. CONEXPO/CON-AGG Radio: Awarded winner of the “Best Construction Podcast”, this is surely the one on repeat. They are a complete package as they cover topics from construction to health and safety regulations, meanwhile suggesting tips and tricks to the construction professionals on how they can optimize their business and job sites
  3. The Art of Construction : Hosted by one of the most provoking entrepreneur, Devon Tilly, this podcast provides marketing, communication and sales strategies to the building industry. Listeners get to hear from architects and contractors and learn from their experiences with regards to the challenges faced during projects and how to overcome them.
  4. The Lien Zone: This podcast focuses on the legal aspect of the construction industry. Short and Informative, they aim at making sure that the information reaches to you from the right source.
  5. Constructrr : This podcast is unique and creative in its nature. They focus on people who are trying to foster an environment of empowerment through exceptional productivity, quality service and social responsibility in the industry.

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