Submit Hours

This is IMPORTANT (“No hours” delays the whole process. If this happens, it is likely that there will be delays in processing your payment.) Please ensure that you fill in your Timesheet as soon as you are finished work each week. When completed, timesheets are sent to the foreman to be confirmed each week. In order for us to do this we need your hours submitted to us each week by Sunday Midnight. So, as you finish your weeks work, take two minutes and complete the details. Correct hours must be submitted each week as errors delay the process. When submitting hours, please complete in the Staff section on the BSS website, go to the Staff page and click on the “Submit hours” button at the top of this page. Complete your hours and we will ensure they are forwarded to the relevant foreman for approval.

New To The Company

Firstly, welcome on board!! Secondly, and most importantly, let’s ensure you get paid on time. Please fill in the New Starters information by clicking on the “New starter form” button at the top of this page. Our payroll department can then add you to the payroll system ensuring there will be no delays with your first payment. Don’t forget to fill in the Hours You Worked at the end of each week as instructed above.

Recently Returned To The Company

Welcome back. Yes we have your details but, you may have changed address or have a different bank account. Filling in the new starter information again takes very little time and ensures no errors or delays in your payment. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your money. Complete the “New Starter Form” by clicking the button at the top of this page and don’t forget to submit the Hours You Worked at the end of each week as instructed above.

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