Construction managers are responsible for transforming ideas into real structures while working closely with other professionals. In order to further enhance this creativity and compliment current experience and knowledge, here are top 10 books that we recommend are a must read, whether you just started working or have been practicing since years, We know one of them will surely engage you.

1.Hard-Hat Productivity by Norb Slowikowski: Do you want to increase the productivity of your team in the construction world? Take a shot at this book. It has several suggestions that would increase both your productivity and the productivity of your team. Another great read for everyone from an owner to someone in the field aspiring to improve themselves.

2.  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This book is another classic that focuses on developing your mindset and using the power of your thoughts to reach your goals. By focusing on the right thoughts, you take the right actions that will let you achieve your dreams.

3. The 5 Minute Foreman by Mark Breslin: Will 5 minutes change your life? Maybe not 5 minutes on a single day, but 5 minutes every day for years? In this book, Breslin discusses the idea of just working on yourself for an extra 5 minutes each day you will drastically improve your skills and your life. He gives a whole number of great tips and tools to use in construction on a daily basis. This is an absolute must read for any field and management personnel in the construction industry.

4. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield: This book is filled with great knowledge and direction. Jack addresses a whole number of issues surrounding the idea of success. This is a great read for those aspiring to better their lives, their careers, and everyone around them.

5. Start with Why by Simon Sinek: You often are asked, “What do you do?” instead of “Why do you do what you do?” In this book you will discover the power of your WHY and how it can change your life. Why becomes the real question and the driving force that will keep you pushing when times get tough. It will separate great companies from average ones. What is your purpose and what will success help you do?

6. Building Successful Teams by Bill Butterworth: The construction industry is a team event. We cannot build a house, an apartment building, commercial complex, or a high rise without a great number of people. If you want to be really successful in this industry you must learn to create, develop, and manage your team effectively. This includes everyone from the owner of the company to the Foreman onsite. In order to be successful, the people around you need to be successful.

7.  The One Minute Manager by Spencer Johnson: Do you find yourself delegating instead of empowering? This classic book dives into the art of creating self-sufficient leaders within your team and company. Everyone has a specific set of tools and skills that allow them to be productive. It’s up to you to put those people in the right situations to be successful. This is another great book for everyone working to improve themselves and their leadership qualities.

8. The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin: Most books are filled with a handful of good points, but Josh Waitzkin has written a book filled with an enormous amount of tips and ideas that detail how one can maximize their learning and skills. This book comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to be the best at what they do. 

9. Alphadog by Mark Breslin: This book is ideal for both Foreman and Aspiring Foreman. Breslin is a long time construction leader and he does a great job at laying the foundation to being successful in the construction industry with this book.

10. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy: It is what you do day in and day out that creates your success. Hardy does an absolute wonderful job at illustrating the compound effect and its impact on our lives. The little actions we take on a daily basis have an enormous impact on the outcome of our lives. It’s time to focus on developing good habits that promote your success.

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