The government has officially announced last week that we can start a phased return to
the workplace as normalcy returns. As more and more corporations lift the restrictions,
hundreds and thousands of employees look forward to getting back in action, mostly in a
hybrid model. Going back to the office after such a long period of time can be a nervous task
and hence, we get to you some top tips from our recruiters on how to return to a newly
imagined workplace.

  1. Prioritising Health and Safety

The health and safety of the employees should be the primary motive for any
company and hence following COVID 19 protocols at workplace, as well as acting
with utmost caution should be considered before reopening. The employees should
be made aware in advance as to what rules they should abide by and make sure that
they feel comfortable practicing the same.

2. Keep teams connected

Everyone has stayed inside for a long period of time and losing personal touch with
the employees can be seen as a effect of the same. For the companies, which are
practising a hybrid model, it might become even more difficult to have a smooth
communication between all teams and hence It is necessary to make sure that your
teams stay connected digitally and offline, both. Have regular virtual meetings,
organise offline gatherings once or twice a month as this would help build stronger
connections between both existing and new employees.

3. Fresh Approach

It is important to view this transition using a new lens. The secret to long term
success of reopening lies in building new capabilities, using new approaches to
innovation supported by more holistic technology strategies that support the growth
of your organisation.

4. Flexibility

It is important to have a flexible schedule and norms so that employees can return to
work at their own pace. It should not feel like a forced transition but instead should
feel like a coordinated measure keeping everyones wellbeing as a priority. Setting up
own calendar schedules and days of working from office and home, is one of the examples