This week (27th February 2021 – 5th March 2021)  is ‘Engineers Ireland’s’ annual STEPS Engineers Week! The purpose of this fantastic educational week is to promote engineering to students and the importance of the profession to the children of Ireland. With around 92,000 participants taking part in 980 activities nationwide in 2020, this years events will take place online, but with the emphasis of meeting the following aims:

  1. Encouraging young people, their teachers and parents to explore the fun world of Engineering.
  2. Generating interest and enthusiasm for Engineering in their everyday lives.
  3. Inspiring young people to explore Engineering career paths.
  4. Highlighting the diverse opportunities Engineering offers.

At BSS, we realise the importance of sharing fantastic educational resources to build the next generation of construction industry workers for tomorrow. With some great activities for all ages available, engineering organisations from all over the UK and Ireland, here’s some of our recommendations of what you can do with your kids to help them learn all about engineering:

  • You can help your younger primary school children to make their own pinwheels! This is a useful way of your children learning about how energy can be created from the wind. Details on how to do this can be found HERE.
  • In March 2021, you can connect your secondary school students with some working engineers from all over Ireland by taking part in “I’m an Engineer, get me out of here!” Students can ask the engineers questions in a live, moderated chat and vote for their favourite engineer to win €500 for more engagement! This will be in order for students to learn more about engineering and who it is for. To find out more, click HERE.
  • For all those budding Civil Engineers out there – we employ those too, by the way… – have a listen to the Being Civil podcast, which you can find on wherever you get your podcasts from. The STEPS team have teamed up with the team at ‘Being Civil’ to answer all of your questions about Civil Engineering and the routes into the profession. A definite must listen!
  • The STEPS Engineering Live Shows are 3 different shows that you can watch with your children of all ages on a variety of different topics. These are:
    • Silly Billy: Primary School (age 4-10 years)
    • Explorium: Build A Bridge and Get Over it!!! Primary School (age 7-12)
    • Scientific Sue: Primary School (age 8-14 years)

You can book for these shows by following the link HERE.

If you’re interested in more information about the STEPS week, check out the Engineers Ireland website for STEPS week –

At BSS, we want to assure you that despite the pandemic, we are still working for you. Any enquiries, big or small, shoot them our way at or give us a call on 017071012 and one of our recruiters will be happy to help you find your next job.