3 great courses for non-native English speakers to maximise their potential

The construction industry is one of the most international industries in Ireland. The construction industry accounts for one-fifth of all enterprises in Ireland, making Ireland’s construction industry the largest percentage share of active enterprises in the EU. With a large proportion of the workforce coming from Eastern Europe, Asia and many countries around the world, in order to maximise your employability in the construction industry, you must have a good level of English proficiency. At BSS, we want our employees to maximise their potential, so we’ve decided to list 3 different courses to help you learn English.

  1. Irish College of English – https://www.iceireland.com

Established in 1992, The Irish College of English is an Award-Winning English language school located on Dublin’s coastline in beautiful Malahide, Dublin. They offer Online classes, part-time evening classes and have just been voted the ‘Best Language School in Ireland’ in 2019. With 27 years’ worth of experience, the ‘ICE’ will help you with grammar, pronunciation and linguistic skills, so that you can take your exams and pass them with flying colours! See their website for their latest details.

  1. Perfectly Spoken – https://perfectlyspoken.com

One of the largest networks of English teachers on the web, ‘Perfectly Spoken’ offers more than 500 video lessons, which you can access at any time online. They also offer 1 to 1 lessons too if you want to maximise your potential. They offer a free plan, which entitles you to 10 hours of free lessons a month, but we’d thoroughly recommend their yearly pro plan which is currently $149.50 for 1 year! Jump on this offer because it only lasts for 2 weeks!

  1. Duolingo – https://www.duolingo.com

Possibly the most popular language learning platform in the world, Duolingo offers quick lessons in grammar, listening, speaking and writing entirely free of charge from the comfort of your smartphone! To maximise your language learning further, we would recommend subscribing to the pro version, which allows you to take your lessons offline! Search for the Duolingo app on the App Store or on Google Play!

At BSS, we want to assure you that despite the pandemic, we are still working for you. Any enquiries, big or small, shoot them our way at info@buildstaff.ie or give us a call on 017071012 and one of our recruiters will be happy to help you find your next job.

By Leo Rowell