Irish Construction News and Insights : Weekly Roundup

BSS Building Staff Solutions aims at providing you with latest news and updates from the Irish construction industry round the clock. For those who weren’t able to catch up and missed out on the updates this week, here are some of the top headlines:

Construction ‘to grow by 15%’ in 2021 despite Covid and Brexit

According to a new report by infrastructure consultancy firm Aecom, The Irish construction industry is expected to grow by 15 per cent in 2021 despite the challenges of the pandemic and Brexit-related delays. The report anticipates a “strong year” for the sector based on a presumption that normal activity will resume shortly as the vaccine rollout continues. The report indicates that in general terms demand has not been impacted but rather activity has been delayed.

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“Days of three-bed semis in Dublin ‘are over’ as high-density housing plans take hold”

As work gets under way on plans for new high-density neighbourhoods across the capital, The days of the three-bed semi-detached house “are over” in Dublin, the city council’s most senior planner has said. Plans for at least four new “urban villages” will be devised under the new Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 to help house an expected increase in population of up to 70,000. The development plan would also consider whether there was an “overprovision” of hotels and student accommodation in certain parts of the city.

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“Incoming CIF President says that the sector has never been stronger”

As incoming CIF President Frank Kelly, Construction Director, Walls Construction, surveys the events of his vice-presidency over the past two years, he focuses on the positive aspects and the extraordinary unity of purpose exhibited by Federation members during Covid-19. According to Frank Kelly, one of the most pressing issues to be addressed in the near term will be the delivery of ‘Project Ireland 2040’.

“The Government has already announced a capital expenditure of over €10bn for 2021,” he notes. “Interestingly, the Taoiseach and Minister for Public Expenditure Michael McGrath TD have both mentioned that the construction industry is key to the recovery.”

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