Creekvale Ltd has received permission from Dublin City Council to proceed with the development of an eight-storey 273-bedroom hotel on the site of Begley’s Fruit Market on Dublin’s Arran Street East and Little Mary Street.


Creekvale Ltd was granted permission to proceed with the hotel’s development despite an objection from rival hotel operator Cathedral Lane.

Cathedral Lane, which is part of Northern Irish hospitality group Beannchor, told Dublin City Council that the proposed hotel would create an overbearing presence due to its height and scale.

The Irish Times quotes Cathedral Lane director James Stinton as saying, “Our key concerns relate to the potential impact the proposed hotel development will have on the hotel development on our lands.”

However, the council stated that the proposed development is acceptable and will not significantly impact the amenities of neighbouring properties.

Cathedral Leisure has the option of appealing the decision to An Bord Pleanála.

Planning Contributions Payment Requirement

As part of the conditions for being permitted to proceed with the development, Creekvale is required to pay €914,187 in planning contributions towards public infrastructure and the Luas Cross City line.